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We teach you how to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time, to support you in reaching your goals. 80% of your results will come from your eating plan, so understanding the importance of this is a major part of what we do. Our coaches will help you develop your very own meal plan and as your body and goals adjust, so will your plan.


A cross country runner will have a completely different fitness plan than someone who just wants to lose a few kilos. That’s why every person needs a fitness plan that is best suited to their goals. Our Coaches design a program specifically for you and your needs, to help you reach your desired goals.


Making sure that your body is getting the vitamins, minerals, and sufficient protein, to properly support you. This is often a key element that is either missed or misused. When used correctly, it can make an immense difference in helping you acquire your desired goals.

Personal Coach

Your personal coach. Someone to teach you, support you, cheer for you and keep you accountable. This is what makes 5EF so different from any other gym, club, studio, or PT on the planet today! Every single member will receive their very own personal coach, to help guide them along their very own health and fitness journey. You will never feel left out or alone on this journey again!


Surround yourself with positive people, who are working towards similar goals, to better support you in reaching your own. Being a part of a group of like-minded people, can make all the difference and takes your workout from being a chore to a fun enjoyable part of your day!

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